Chalk is a neutral colour that goes well in sleek, minimalist surroundings. Chalk is ideal for modern interiors thanks to its simplicity.


Bone suits lighter rooms with off-white and other soft colours. Bone is a good choice for elegant, refined interiors.


Oak has a neutral appearance and goes well with natural materials such as wood. Oak is perfect for rustic interiors and helps create a cosy atmosphere.


The light grey Ash has an industrial feel and looks good in rooms with metal and concrete. Ash complements modern interiors.


Rock has the most texture of all the available colours. Rock suits darker rooms and creates an intimate, peaceful atmosphere.


Coal is pure decoration. It offers a nice visual contact with the adjoining room, little sun protection but an enchanting beauty.

Installation kit Mini

The installation kit mini consists of a spatula and an Olfa cutter knife.

Installation Kit Maxi

The installation kit maxi consists of a spatula, an Olfa cutter knife and 10 additional blades